Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Can

Raising the bar

November 18, 2016

NITRO COLD BREW CAN IS COMING!   It is crazy for me to say that a nitro cold brew can is coming soon.  When I started this project it was all about producing,  what I felt was the highest quality cold brew that you can find in Connecticut.  While we have a ways to go in terms of growth I would like to think we have brought more awareness to the general public about what good cold brew coffee is.  Now we get to step it up another level.  I am a huge fan of single origin coffee.  Something about it is romantic.  Being able to get the flavor of very specific areas of the world. My adventure into coffee started with a single origin coffee and when I had the opportunity to Nitro Can a single estate coffee I was all in.  Coming in December except to see and hear about the first Connecticut based nitro cold brew can.  To say I am stoked is an understatement.